Thursday, March 24, 2016

Letter to the President regarding the nomination of Mr. Garland.

Dear Mr. President,

It is with great sadness and disgust that I am forced to write this letter to you.  I am despondent that Republicans have conspired to prevent you from fixing the damage to our nation and make America greater than it now is.  I abhor that they happily accepted the political support of so many blatant racists to fulfill their treachery.  I mourn their political gamesmanship, and loathe the fact that so few are willing to look at their cheap ploys with critical reasoning.  Enough is enough.  Pardon my impertinence, Mr. President, but I must respectfully demand that Mr. Garland be given a fair and open opportunity to take a seat on the Supreme Court.

I cannot speak to the nuances of parliamentary rules in the Senate, but I am an expert in parliamentary procedure in general.  Most systems of parliamentary procedure include provisions for mis- mal- and non-feasance as reasons for discipline, up to expulsion.  The Senate Republicans are not just being lazy or misguided in their efforts.  They are actively distorting the truth in a way that harms the United States.  This is malfeasance.

If Republicans decide to continue this malfeasance, then I respectfully request you declare this malfeasant dereliction of duties to the American populace.  Then you should direct V.P. Biden and the Senate Democrats to hold open and independent hearings, and ask Mr. Garland the necessary tough questions so that his qualifications may be shown to the American citizenry.  I expect that the hearings will be fully covered by the media as it fulfills its role in informing America. 

As a former Constitutional Law professor, you know that article 2 section 2 of the Constitution entrusts you with the authority and duty to appoint justices to the Supreme Court “by and with the advice and consent of the Senate.”  It does not require that you get that advice from a committee of derelicts who refuse to perform the duties they swore oaths to fulfill.  If Republicans choose to throw tantrums like petulant children, then it is up to the Democrats to be the adults in the room and continue with the necessary business of the United States government.

Once Mr. Garland has been properly vetted, then I request that you use your authority in article 2 section 3 to convene a session of the Senate with the sole purpose of giving the honorable Mr. Garland and up or down vote to take his rightful seat on the Supreme Court.  Any Republican who ignores the call to that meeting would be in open defiance of the Constitution.

For the last seven years, you have acted as an ever-patient parent to a gang of vulgar and miscreant teenage thugs.  It is time for these reprobate truants to be sent to their rooms and told to do their chores.  For my part, Mr. President, I will endeavor to educate the ill-informed and argue against those of ill-intent who oppose this government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Thank you for your loyal service to our nation.


Jeramee D. Sikorski, J.D.

Please sign and share the petition I created to redress this Below is the text of the petition I created with weblinks:


Republican Senators are derelict in their duties.  
Help conscientious Senators do the Senate's duty.
Republican obstruction with Judge Garland's nomination has breached into malfeasance in office. The Supreme Court is supposed to be the least political branch of our government, and Mr. McConnell has turned it into political cannon fodder for the scorched earth campaign he wages upon America. If he refuses to do his job, then shame Republicans and let others do their job for them.
Please assist Democrat Senators and other willing Senators to hold open and independent hearings to vet Mr. Garland and fulfill the advice portion of art 2 ss 2 of the Constitution.
After hearings, use your Presidential authority in art 2 ss 3 to call a meeting of the Senate for an up or down vote to seat Judge Garland on the Supreme Court. This will fulfill the consent portion of art 2 ss 2.
Thank you.

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