Thursday, February 16, 2017

Take Out the Trash

Take Out the Trash

This meme stash is for memes asserting arguments against the Republican president.  You can download, copy, and share these memes.  Let's start moving the conversation!

I am trying to make a new meme every day, so these several meme stashes will have helpful pics.  If you want to stay updated, you can click "Follow" to the right.  If you want to help the blog, you can also share this post with the sharing buttons at the bottom of this post.  Thank you!

Here are the different meme stashes:

Copyright: These are free to use, just keep "The Diogenetic Light" name on them.  Thanks!

Have you ever had a civics class, you idiot?

Even G.W. Bush wants to know what the Russians did to help Trump!

If he can't even manage his staff, then how can he manage immigration, or the nation?

Can you believe that Chaffetz first action was to demand an investigation into intelligence leaks?
If he had done his job and started investigating, we already would have had this information!

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