Saturday, April 30, 2016

Jury for You -- Lyrics

Alternate lyrics for the song F*** You by Cee Lo Green

I don't hear much protest music these days, despite the incredible political unrest. I thought I might try to help the BLM movement with some music to help bring people together around the movement in the same way that music helped unite people against the Vietnam war.  I don't have the talent to write a song, but I can at least put down some words.  These words popped into my head over the course of a couple days when I was teaching English over in Thailand.  Maybe this will help?

I see you driving ‘round town protectin’ folks I love
And hey I
Respect you
You make me empty out my pockets then give me a shove,
Then I can’t
Respect the blue
‘n can’t respect you too
I know,
If I was whiter, you’d treat me nicer
(that just makes you a prick)

Hey ya’ sittin’ on my chest,
Put me in cardiac distress
Well what’s wrong
With you?
Ooo, ooo, ooo

Hey, my apologies,
For not beggin’ on my knees,
But you suspect me if I’m anywhere
Ya refuse my pleas, but we all agree,
It just ain’t right to be this unfair.
I pity the fool,
Who says that “it’s all cool.”
(Don’t support the cop attacker)
(Don’t be a dumb cracker)
Well, we got some news for you,
So, sit yo ass down & get ready for some truth!

I see ya drivin’ ‘round town harrasin’ folk I love,
I’m like,
That’s me too.
I guess that slappin’ him around just wasn’t enough,
Now we gotta,
Bury him too.
But no jury for you!
We know,
If he was whiter, you’d be much kinder.
Hey, that’s a real cute trick.
(hey that just makes you a prick.)
And you filled my friend with lead,
Then left him for dead.
But there’s no –
Jury for you.

Now hey we all know,
Grand Jury’s just a show, 
Where prosecutors lie, cheat, & deceive
Try to stay calm,
Work in the system,
But the game is rigged and the dead don’t speak.
No one is free,
If you can be beaten with impunity,
(Just ‘cause the man is black)
(Is no cause for your attack)
Y’all better get with the times,
‘Cause ya’ll can’t compete with these rhymes.

I see ya’ cruisin’ ‘round town after killin’ the friend I love,
And I see,
No jury for you.
Oooo, oooo
Ya’ know the hope and change we got still ain’t enough,
Unless there’s
Justice too.
And disbar the prosecutor too!
We know,
If he was a white man, he’d still be alive man,
How can that ever be just?
Ya’ put a bullet in his chest, and we laid him to rest,
But still no,
 jury for you

Now, please, please officer why’d ya’ have to hurt ‘im so bad?
(so sad, you mad, so bad)
Ya’ rip the heart from his momma
And took the soul from his dad
(you’re mad, so sad, he’s dead)
Whhhhy officer?
Why can’t we trust you?
believe me,
We’d really love to‼!

But I see ya’ drivin’ ‘round town harrasin’ folks I love
With no,
Jury for you.
Don’t say the change that we got was ever enough,
This could,
Happen to you.
Yeah, they could kill you too.
We know,
If that man was white, he’d ‘a gone home that night,
Where’s the justice?
(Prosecutors an accomplice!)
Yeah, ya kicked in his head
And left him for dead,
But still no,
Jury for you!


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